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Remodeling Tips to Maximize the Space in Your Bathroom

Having a comfortable and easy to use bathroom that offers plenty of storage space is great; however, in a smaller bathroom, space is often at a premium. The good news is, if you plan and maneuver carefully, you can get the space you need and create a bathroom that works for you.

Use the tips here to help you maximize the space you have available in your bathroom.

Capitalize on the Shelving You Have

When it comes to a bathroom remodeling, shelving is going to be your best friend. You can use the vertical surfaces you have to add shelving as high as you like. You can avoid the feeling of being closed-in by installing shelving at your eye-level that are the exact same color as your walls and then place deeper cabinet shelving higher on the wall.

If the space you have isn’t sufficient for hanging shelving, then consider installing recessed shelving. This can be done by using the empty space on your walls in between the beams. In most cases, hiring a remodeling contractor will be best for this type of project.

Tackle the Area Around the Toilet

Due to the location, the area directly above your toilet often goes completely unused. You can take advantage of this wall space by installing some type of cabinetry over the tank. There are some models that are somewhat tall and extensive, while others include open shelving. This is another great way to store items in a small bathroom.

Use the Space Near and Around the Sink Wisely

If your sink doesn’t have a cabinet under it, then you should install one. Or, another option is to replace the sink with a model that has a storage cabinet beneath it. You should also choose a sink option that includes countertops, which will provide you even more space to store items you use often.

Consider a Complete Remodel

If your bathroom is extremely small and unorganized, then it may be best to consider a complete remodel of the space. You can hire a contractor to help move walls, rearrange the fixtures and more. Keep in mind, this isn’t a job that you should try to take on alone. In many cases, a bathroom remodel is going to require the plumbing and electrical fixtures to be moved or altered.

If you want to maximize the space you have in your bathroom, the best option is to figure out why and where you can install new cabinets. However, if you want to make the space larger, then a remodeling contractor’s services can be invaluable.

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