" Dear Tom, Thank you for the most beautiful kitchen ever. We just love it! All the time you spent working with me at the store on design & layout was so important. Your patience and understanding meant a lot to me. You made sure I got everything I hoped for in this kitchen. You definitely stayed on top of the progress. On the detail side of the cabinets, Paul Short is over the top. He is a true Master Cabinet Installer. I cannot say enough about his workmanship and professionalism. I will never forget him coming on Christmas Eve to install the last two drawers on the island. That was a true act of kindness. You made it happen and the best Christmas present ever. I guess I should add the Diamond Cabinet Company to my list of thanks. The workmanship, quality and customer satisfaction is what I had hoped for when purchasing cabinets and they are to be commended. The customer service you gave me on the kitchen remodel was more than I could ever imagined. I think there will always be a Tom and Paul in this kitchen for many years. I must add the island is the highlight of the kitchen and the best. Is is everything I had hoped for. Our entire family enjoys it and they are amazed at the overall difference. Donald & I are truly grateful for the beautiful kitchen we will have forever. This kitchen not only brings us joy, but increased the value of our home. It is a real "dream kitchen" and I am so grateful to you. I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart. Sincerely, Janice "

Janice & Don

" Tom, I definitely want you to use Mary and I as very satisfied design customers.  We love the kitchen and the space that was created, especially the thought that wet into the entire design. The new kitchen seriously enhanced the value of our property.  More importantly though is the fact that we will enjoy our new kitchen for many years to come.  Thank you so much! "

Jim & Mary